Perfect Pesto Pasta

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do you like that alliteration? Perfect Pesto Pasta! So my friend J from high school came over last night for a hot home-cooked meal and some catching up on old times. She told me about how all she ever eats is sandwiches and cereal- the atrocity! So last night I boiled some shaped pasta (I find it holds more pesto) and cooked up some diced onion, garlic, pesto, hot link sausage and sun dried tomatoes. Its super simple and scrumptious (more alliterations!) so that makes it the perfect college student meal. Of course, I have the tendency to overcook (I am terrible at gauging quantity) so I gave J a box to eat the next day, hooray for warm food!

P.S. I bought the jar of pesto from Costco which means it will last me for quite awhile but I want to start experimenting with it!


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