Fire Ramen!- Orochon Review

Friday, January 15, 2010

I love any shows related to food. I love Man Vs. Food, Iron Chef, Diners Drive-ins and Dives, and just everything!! So when I saw that one of Adam Richman's challenges was just a short drive away in Hollywood I got a group of friends to go down with me. Of course, I was too big of a baby to do the Special #2 but one of my friends did. It was pretty insane but the aftermath was well....not very pretty. I've never been able to take spicy foods so I just stuck with the #5. The noodles were alright, and fulfilling on that cold winter day but I still think it could have been better. Then again, I might have biased high standards because when I was younger I went to Japan and there was a ramen museum! (SERIOUSLY LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE, RIGHT?!) In the basement (or something like that) there are ramen places where you can eat and I have never had any ramen as wonderful as that. Maybe I should fly back to Japan just for a bowl of that ramen...

Speaking of let me just ask, Do you eat to live or eat to live?


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