Redondo Beach Review

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I've heard that some people don't like seafood. To that I say: those people are crazy. My grandpapa is allergic to shrimp and I always feel bad for him when we have it. Last week a friend and I headed down to Redondo Beach for their seafood selection. It's right on the pier with the most gorgeous sunset view and the food is wonderful! The main thing we went down there for was the oysters. Those oysters were the star of the show. There are numerous types of oysters and they are listed by price. Big meaty oysters, medium oysters, small sweet oysters. They have it all! I believe we tried 2 big, 3 mediums, and 5 small. I really like the medium and small oysters the best. They also came with lots and lots of fresh lemon and homemade cocktail sauce which was some of the best that I had ever had. I also saw sea snails, sea urchins, lobsters, crabs, and all types of other live sea creatures for sale in tubs of water. So if you are ever in the area and need a specific type of fresh seafood then that is the place to go! I also had the Ahi Tuna Poke and the Fried Squid (which was basically like Calamari. A Lot. Of. Calamari.) which were DELICIOUS. The Ahi Tuna Poke came with a these round chips and hot sauce, yum! I was so happy afterward...ahh...what bliss....


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