Goodbye Cecile.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

This weekend was a great culinary journey! A friend and I were at the supermarket when we spotted LIVE LOBSTER at only 5.99 a pound. We had both always wanted to try it out & are really big lobster fans. In fact the two of us went to the Lobster Festival in Long Beach this summer. Anyways, it might be a big morbid for some people but hey, you eat it. It was definitely a very interesting experience. I named my lobster Cecile, and she was gorgeous. It's also a lot less expensive than having lobster at a restaurant, and its not very much work (if you can stomach the whole thing). Just a little butter and lemon makes everything oh so scrumptious! I'll leave out the more morbid pictures, but Cecile turned a lovely red color afterwards and I have to say, it was very much worth it.


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