Chinese Food Experimental Outcomes

Saturday, March 6, 2010

While I was at 99 Ranch Market the other weekend I happened to come across these little sauce packets from the brand Lee Kum Kee for specific dishes and I really wanted to try them. Basically all you do is have to buy the actual ingredient (whether it be chicken, tofu, vegetables, etc) and then add the sauce to it and you have a delicious dish! Just make sure to make some rice to eat with it. I tried the Mapo tofu one (though it was a bit spicy for me so I added some oyster sauce to it), a sweet pork chop variation, the black bean chicken and the eggplant. My favorite one I would have to say is the eggplant, which I know that most people don't like but I am a big fan. For vegetarians or the occasional vegetarian like me, vegetarian is full of protein and if cooked the right way can be absolutely yummy. I added a little bit of green onion to both the Black Bean Chicken and the Eggplant dish, though with the eggplant I added some ground pork, which is also popular in the Mapo tofu dish. So I suggest you look up how to make these spectacular dishes or if you are too lazy like me (but only some nights, not all the time) then use these little packets to add some spice to your food! Enjoy!


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